Way to Prepare Rolled Ice Cream is Hacked- Read to Know How It’s Done

What is rolled ice cream and how does it work? Rolled Ice Cream originated from the streets of Thailand. Recently, this trendy dessert has popped all over the United States. Wonders Ice Cream a rolled ice cream franchise based out of Minnesota, Texas, California and North Carolina has systemized the process.


Joungkong Yang and Ketsana Houngnakhone the founders of Wonders Ice Cream, describes the rolled ice cream process as mesmerizing and therapeutic. Yang states “it all begins with the magic base, it has to be the perfect recipe to prevent crystallization” he then describes that without a bulletproof base the ice cream will be icy in contrasts to being smooth and creamy.

Prepare Rolled Ice Cream.jpg

The “Magic Base” or ice cream in liquid form is then poured onto a “Anti Griddle” that is set to -18 degrees. After spreading the ice cream across the the rolled ice cream machine, the ice cream is then ready to be rolled. Alcohol content Once the ice cream is rolled into a cylindrical shape, the rolled ice cream is then placed into a cup, waffle taco or honeybun and topped with a variety of toppings. Houngnakhone, mentions that “Rolled Ice Cream is a craft, so sit back and enjoy the show. We are the Hibachi of Ice Cream” If you are looking for a great night out or a new way to enjoy ice cream give rolled ice cream a shot!

David A