Ice Rolls Franchise Coming Up With Amazing Experiment with Flavors

The Ice Rolls Franchise Wonders Ice Cream is constantly creating and experimenting with new flavors. Wonders offers 21 over the top rolled ice cream flavors that will take your taste buds on a ride of delightfulness. Wonders has a variety of flavors such as the Sour Tang which is made with a blended Strawberry and Mango Italian ice rolled ice cream recipe.

Ice Rolls Franchise.jpg

Another unique rolled ice cream flavor that this franchise offers is it’s purple colored Taro Berry Signature. Taro Berry, is made with a blend of our organic taro extract and smashed mixed berries. Another, popular rolled ice cream signature that is offered is it’s classic Oreo Oreo. This signature is created with Wonders “secret base” with two smashed Oreos. The Oreo Oreo rolled ice cream signature is topped with more Oreos, 2 Chocolate Dipped Pocky Sticks, Vanilla Wafer Roll and topped Whipped Cream.

Wonders continues the path of changing the ice cream experience and ruining diets, with their delicious rolled ice cream tacos and honeybun add-ons. If you are looking to experience a new way to enjoy ice cream, come out and give us a try at one of our wonderful locations.

David A